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Problem with ranksafers

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Problem with ranksafers

This screenshot shows a daily situation happening in curvefever (I tried to censor names as good as possible). A nubplayer (in this situation: candy) gets joined by a proplayer (cyan), but the nubplayer isnt happy to play against someone good, NO! he is getting scared for his overrank and tells the better player to spectate. This means he is a big NERD who doesnt play the game for the competition between the best, but for rank (a dumb number), do u agree?

Now i would like to hear ur opinion about this CURVE-FEVER-COMMUNITY, what do u think? Should this be punished? Fell free to leave a comment!

Its easy to see u play against Boss xD

However he should set the limit to 1500+ if he doesnt want to play against u.

A huge thanks to everyone for making this game so fun! You'll all be missed <3

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1v1: 1761 one of my best cf moments ;3

ffa eu top 15%
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Come @ me


rupagnis must be proud,someone told him 'pro' and he have to post that on forum,y...

Clan: hh


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Bravo Thomas, you never fail to amaze me with your stories xd

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