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Yokaii wins the official June tournament!

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Yokaii wins the official June tournament!

Hello amigos,

I would like to introduce our new FFA red speed champion: Yokaii! Congratulations to Yokaii, who was able to finish first in every tournament round, very impressive! Also well done Volkswagen who ended second and Sinnoh finishing third. Thank you all for joining the tournament, it was a nice tournament where some epic red speed skills where shown.

A special thanks to Miaoush and sølis for helping me out with the schedule! xoxo

Also thank you Averazon for recording and streaming the finals. The video of the finals will be published soon at YouTube. If you can't wait to watch the finals, it's possible to watch it already via Twitch. ;)

Have fun curving and I hope to see you all at the next event! <3


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Congratulations unknown.


Any highlights from the tournament? Except for Vito losing again and again and again...


who is yokaii?