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yet another report of Shady LP

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yet another report of Shady LP

Hey TheGordon,


Im reporting Shady LP for trolling.


First game:

As u can see (points) he played a few rounds and then just stops playing because he is ''downloading a movie''. Here is the chat as (kinda) proof.

MewtwoEX: Shady LP idiot
Shady LP: ?
Evgenyi: why does
NieIs: ze had m dus gestuurd maarwas vergeten op te slaan
Evgenyi: lava
Evgenyi: even  ( he means ''why he joined the room and not playing'')
Evgenyi: play
MewtwoEX: ik heb hem wel opgeslagen
Shady LP: i lag
Evgenyi: y


So the game is over, the host kicks him and this player joins.


It turns out to be Shady PL yet again, and he doesnt play on purpose again, so the whole game is 2v1. Lundi is pink


The next day:

He joins us again with mathkicker


Shady PL gets reported quite a lot, so I suggest you should ban him a little bit longer.


I hope i provided enough evidence.


Thank you for reading


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Dear neusaap.,

thank you for your report.
Shady LP indeed has a history and has shown poor behaviour in many reported games. A ban lasting 2 weeks is given now.

Kind regards

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