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Would you like 2 official tournaments in June?

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Would you like 2 official tournaments in June?
Yes, host 2 official tournaments in June!
93% (55 votes)
No, keep the amount of official tournaments 1 in June!
7% (4 votes)
Total votes: 59

 Dear Curve Fever 2 players,

 I've decided to create a poll to find out what the majority of our community prefers - 2 official tournaments in June or 1 official tournament in June. As many of you know, there haven't been 2 official tournaments in a month for a while. My hypothesis is that the more official tournaments are held, the more people game this game. Lack of official tournaments monthly contributes to huge general problem's worsening.

About a huge general problem:

 To be fair, I face the following general problem almost every time I play Curve Fever 2: if I want to play something specific, I usually won't enjoy it, cause there aren't enough decent skilled players online, that would like to play that gamemode. For example, a year ago, I barely ever faced that. It even happens with the most popular gamemodes. Due to that, Curve Fever 2 gets boring for me and I don't enjoy it as much as I did a year ago. Sometimes, after logging in, I even close Curve Fever 2's tab after seeing how less rooms there are.

How to fix that general problem?

 I think that increasing amount of monthly official tournaments from 1 to 2 would help a bit. Also, there should also be other official events, for example Curve olympics, Clan tournaments, Clan olympics and many more. I think if people know that there will be an event upcoming, they'll spend more time on this game and due to that, more people will enjoy the game. Also, you should advertise the upcoming events in game, too.

About an idea:

 I don't think that the moderators/developers will ever accept the following idea but let's give it a try: host at least 1 official tournament in 3 months where non-premium users can also participate. I guess that all participants should be members of this game for at least 3 or 4 months - it would decrease the amount of second accounts in tournament and more people would enjoy the tournament. I think that the idea of hosting an official tournament where non-premium users could participate would be good, cause more non-premium players would spend their time on Curve Fever 2 and they will enjoy the game.


 To sum it up, I guess my hypothesis is correct cause there are many factors which confirm its correctness. I would be thankful, if moderators would at least discuss about these ideas. I'm not hoping much, but let's hope that they will do something against that general problem and Curve Fever 2 will have brighter future than it has now.

 P.S. The poll will be closed in 5 days. Also, the first tournament should be held at the first or second weekend of June and the second tournament at the last weekend of June.

 Feel free to critisize my ideas or publish your opinion,

 Dark Knight.




i agree - we all agree - curve fever 2 is the greatest game ever invented. 


Curve fever 3 and curve fever pro shud never have been invented - they shud have made and shud make another version of cf2 next. Curve fever 2 is the greatest of all time geert. Listen to us. WE WANT CF2 REMADE NEXT - NO MORE NEW GAMES PLS

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CF 2 ♡

One Tournament is fine ♡