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Wont log in.

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Clan: Zyzz
Wont log in.

Hi. Have been playing a lot of teams today and when i got to around 1450, my screen suddenly freezes and radio turns off. i wait for 30 sec and nothin happens, so i restart my browser but it wouldnt log on. It just loaded to 100% and nothing happened. Because of this i went from 1450 to 1370  and in two matches and i didnt even leave, but i still lost alot more points than i should because i werent able to log back on. Now ive tried with two different computers, 3 different browsers and both ethernet and wifi. Nothing works, and i still cant log on, even though my team didnt get disconnected and could keep on playing. What to do, and is there any way i could get the -40 points back that i shouldnt have lost? my team lost the game so they got -17 while i got -59.. And is there anything i can do to log back in?