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Winners of the second official May tournament are...

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Winners of the second official May tournament are...

Hey everyone,

Thanks to all who participated in this tournament! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. It's been a long time since we had so many strong teams participate in what turned out to be a very exciting tournament!

Congratulations to team Roxy - Mysteria and Bloodred for winning this tournament! Both played amazing throughout the whole night and managed to defeat everyone with their great teamwork. Second place goes to team LvLy - theanimeking and kenn, congratulations! Although the last game wasn't in your favor, you didn't go down without a fight. Third place goes to team lags - 'Nen and .tres., congratulations! Not only did they win every game without a tie win, but they were also the only team to defeat team Roxy!

Here you can find the Schedule: SCHEDULE
Here you can find the video of the Finals: VIDEO
Here you can find the video of the Bronze Match: VIDEO

A huge thank you to R4W1L for this awesome banner and 'Alicia for helping me to fill in the schedule.

Also special thanks to Owl, who streamed the Finals, Bronze match, and recorded together with kenn!

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Congratulations Mysteria and Bloodred! There were alot of strong teams in this tournament and it was a tough fight, but you deserved the win in the end.

Master Rahl.

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Fun tour