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Winners of the second official June tournament are...

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Winners of the second official June tournament are...

Hey everyone,

Thanks to all who participated in this tournament, I hope you guys enjoyed it!

During my team tournament premier, we had loads of regulars registering and participating. For the last team tournament less regulars joined, and more spontaneous registrations made a mixed team composition. I admit I like fresh blood and some of them really did well during their initial games, including the second place, team Kemathor – Maluco, Ken’ and Thor Edinson. Congratulations guys, well done! Team Kemathor managed to win almost every game. Even though you did not kick start during semi-finals, your qualifying was extraordinary! You showed us all how great your potential is, when taking over the lead from a loser position. Third place goes to team Slatt - Armani Banani, sest and I m PRO', congratulations! While it looked like you would become the runners-up, you let team Kemathor pass. Fingers crossed, I hope it will work out for you next time!

Here you can find the schedule: SCHEDULE
Here you can find the video of the finals: VIDEO
Here you can find the video of the Semi B match: VIDEO

A huge thank you to R4W1L for this awesome banner! Also special thanks to Ken' for recording!

Reminder: Please check the expiry date of your premium account to be eligible for tournament registration as premium members! If you still have premium access after your foreseen expiry date, I can't let you participate in the following tournaments! 

Please note that due to my absence the next tournament dates will be blocked towards the end of this month, expecting all of you and many more to join! The next tournament is going to be a scaled map Mix of 1v1 on Sunday the 21st of July. The second tournament is going to be 2v2 Gspeed on Sunday the 28th of July.

I hope to see you all there! :D