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Winners of the second official July tournament are...

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Winners of the second official July tournament are...

Hey everyone,

Thanks to all who joined last week's XXL tournament. Even if it was extremely long, it was also extremely entertaining and exciting. The tournament was also surprising in many ways, not only its length, but also its outcome.

Unexpectedly the team SpeedReaders outsnaked everyone! What a birthday surprise for Jaan, who was able to win his first tournament ever. Therefore, we celebrate Jaan as one of our most junior champions in our great snake hall of fame. In a dream-team with Ralf, they mastered nine games successfully. As usual Ralf has shown extraordinary skills and oversight. Our finalist team u made this tournament a thrilling show. The high-class players BlueCola and Alien Brain, with their incredible track record of CF2 wins, were tough competitors and won against every enemy pair, but the champs. The third place goes to 7uPz, congratulations guys! While they paired up only minutes before the tournament started, the outcome was very promising.

Here you can find the schedule: SCHEDULE
Here you can find the video of the finals: VIDEO 
Here you can find the video of the Semi B match: VIDEO

A huge thank you to R4W1L for helping me to fill the schedule and for recording. Without him it wouldn't have gone so well!

Below you can find a schedule of the upcoming tournaments:

I hope to see you all there! :D



Well done Jaan and Ralf. 

Maybe one of deserved wins. 

"Stupid is as stupid does" Forrest Gump

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Fairly well played, Jaan and Ralf. Therefore a well deserved win. Congratulations!!

Cody <3

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Oh, Jaan you finalyy made it? Congratulations mate ;)

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gz with 1st title shikon.