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Will Curve Fever 3 have rankings?

Will Curve Fever 3 have rankings?

The simple answer is: YES!

The more complicated answer is: Yes, but…

Curve Fever 3 is coming. We work hard on bringing you a new, high quality experience, with features that are going to change the game and make people want to check out Curve Fever 3. From there we want to bring you regular updates with bug fixes and gameplay changes, so that Curve Fever 3 evolves into the best game of 2017.

Early in the development process we had to decide what we want to do. Flash is dying and in 2017 the flash plugin will be disabled by default in the browsers. 1/3rd of our players are playing in the evening and 2/3rd are playing during the day. We see that, except for the competition and friends you can make in the game, the gameplay is repetitive. This leads to the average player only playing our game 1.5 times in total. Lastly we are on a tight budget for making a successor for a game that has been developed for 3 years. Being on a tight budget and try to make something that is better on all fronts than its predecessor, is not an easy task.

We have a plan to make Curve Fever 3 the best game of 2016/2017. At the soft launch we want to bring you a basic but great experience of Curve Fever 3. A game that has something new for our players on schools, but also something new for our core players in the evening. From there we will iterate together with you with approximately monthly updates by bringing you new features and content to make it a very complete game by the end of 2016.

We had to decide what we want to make first in Curve Fever 3. If Curve Fever 3 would have the same features as Curve Fever 2, then there would be no reason to check out Curve Fever 3. So we sat together and decided which features does Curve Fever 3 really need from the start, and which features can be added later. Curve Fever 2 has so many great features, it was impossible to implement them all right from the start.

Rankings is high on our priority list. This means that we first want to make a basic game. One of the first features we want to add next are rankings. If the development process goes smooth, we will be able to include rankings right from the soft launch. If the development process goes rough, we will delay rankings to one of the first development updates that will come in Curve Fever 3.

So, will Curve Fever 3 have rankings? Yes, but it might not be there at the soft launch.

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Nice, keep working hard!


Clan: Zeus

good :D

Clan: Zeus

make somethins like soloq! Playing with pro friends is bad for me i hate playing vs premades... Make soloq and teamq pls :D

ffa america top 15%
team eu top 57%
Clan: Boss

Ruiner is pro!


so,when will be this game out for everyone?


well, its june!

Clan: LOVE

I would love to have a feature to view rankings by nations

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Clan: Blub

LUV this idea!

ffa america top 7.7%
team america top 49%

Cool :D

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Clan: Babe

I excited for play 

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