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" Whooops " Teamkilling in team game

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" Whooops " Teamkilling in team game


I would like to report a user for killing me( same team ) multiple times during a 2v2 Green Speed match.


Match link



-Following me for no reason to kill me, without attempting to make camp or attack enemy


2)   1-   2-

- Again, only following me to trap/kill me, with no attempt to play or attack enemy


3)  1-  2-

- No explanation needed, attacking me with speeds.


4)   1-   2- 


- Attacking me, closing me off and chasing me to kill me clearly.


5)  1-   2-

- Taking speed to close me off. ( I also warned him on chat)


6)  1-

- Killing me with speeds



I hope these screenshots were more than enough. There were many other times he had done this during the game but thats all i could screenshot.  Even though we won at the end, there is no fun in being hunted down and killed by your teammate, and i dont care about winning i just want to have fun. Thank you.

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Dear r10beast,

thank you for your report.
Chat and game scenes are enough proof.
A ban lasting one week is given.

Kind regards

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