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Whoever thought of this tournament settings was clearly out of his mind

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Whoever thought of this tournament settings was clearly out of his mind

We were 3 in the room, waiting for the remaining 4th player - ChriDon. I asked them to try and locate him, to which  STAUB JR immediatelly said "he's my friend" and called him.

Not only does playing 4 people is pointless and idiotic, but the main problem is that when there are such few people in a single FFA game, teaming is inevitable and so easy. Even if there are no actual close friends in the game (in my case there were), there iwll always be a guy willing to ruin/help another person, a thing which is relatively way harder in 8FFA than this absurd setup.

Check this out and tell me I'm being paranoid [STAUB JR (GREEN) helping ChriDon(RAINBOW)];


I wasn't the only one to think so and observers and players in TeamSpeak have agreed with me and said so even before I opened my mouth`.. this is simply stupid

I have nothing against these players, nor do I know them and nor I was actually epxecting to take the 1st prize.
I'm just saying it the way it is, and it clearly sucks..

I know you wanted to do a fun thing and try to be creative, but there was nothing wrong with the previous tournaments set-up, I don't know what's the urge to fix something that isn't evne broken, and make it broken.

anyways have fun the rest of you



Clan: cool

Another nice thing about this allround tournament is that 900 point guys come to round 4 (TEAMS!) and kick out their team mates, gj mods

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I agree.


You have got a point here, however I didn't expect this to happen. We have used these settings before and it went fine in the previous allround tournaments ( also 4ffa ). Next time we'll do 5FFA for Allround in round 2.


Thanks for your comment.



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Isnt that guy salie?:D

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No it wasnt me at that round ;) i played after