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Who are the moderators and what do they do?

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Who are the moderators and what do they do?


What are the moderators for?

Put simply, the moderators are here to monitor/improve the Curve Fever community. With the developers busy coding and doing other important work, moderators will deal with checking up on the players themselves. They do this in different ways and this will be explained below.

Who are the current moderators?

Right now we have a wide amount of moderators and their roles are split up into different subsets. Exactly what these mods do will be described in the next section. 

Moderator list:

  • Lead Moderator: Averazon
  •     Community & Game Moderator: Sam_Pum, Skeilah
  •     Curve Fever 3 Chat Moderator: Laura, Thauron; Ray
  •     Cheat Moderator: TheGordon
  •     Forum Moderator: -
  •     Tournament Moderator Curve Fever 2: oNreteP
  •     Tournament Moderator Curve Fever 3: Wolkenstern, oNreteP

What do these moderators do?

Lead Moderator:

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As the lead moderator, you are the go-to point of contact for all active Curve Fever moderators. The lead moderator assist where needed and uses the calm voice of reason, and is the efficient but warm decision maker, the leader of the flock. The lead moderator makes sure that community and moderators enjoy their time!


Community & Game Moderator:

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The community & game moderator is the person who’s in touch with the community the most. He/She will guide the community. The community can change face and the community & game moderator their job to make sure it remains enjoyable for everyone. Besides this, they’ll also act as in-game moderator. We need to make sure that everyone keeps curving of course!


Chat Moderator:

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The chat moderator position is the most popular moderator position, At the moment, we have 5 of them. They are all active players in Curve Fever 3. Their role is to view the general chat or in-game match chats while playing Curve Fever 3 and protect it from spam. They also handle user reports and make educated decisions based on the evidence provided to them.

Cheater Moderator:

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We all want Curve Fever to be fair and fun for everyone! It is known that some people like to cheat and make things unfair. What do the cheater mods do? They make rules that everyone can follow and deal with those who don't follow them. It's always an ongoing battle between the mods and the cheaters but the mods do their best to make sure things are as fair as possible.

Forum Moderator:

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The forum is where players communicate between themselves and the Curve Fever team to express their thoughts. It is also where the Curve Fever team make announcements when necessary. They make sure nothing goes off-track and make you reading experience on the forums as awesome as possible! If you have any questions, forum moderators will do their best to help you out

Tournament Moderator:

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The tournament moderator make sure that there is an official Curve Fever tournament every month for the premium users. From winning tournaments, players can get their own exclusive title in the game chat, an exclusive crown icon and other prizes.

Tournament mods are also responsible for giving out those prizes. It is necessary for the moderator to create a sign-up topic for players to enter the tournament, make a schedule of all the players with who they play against and then fill in the schedule as the matches are played. A tough job to do in one night! 

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This topic has been updated to include all roles for CF3 as well. 

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