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What would you change in the CurveFever game?

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What would you change in the CurveFever game?
Powerups/colors update
22% (7 votes)
Gamemode update
31% (10 votes)
Powerups/colors and gamemode update
44% (14 votes)
There is no need to change anything
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 32

Dear creators and developers of CurveFever,

After a lot of discussions with my friends I would like to express my opinion. We do appreciate your work and we do realise it is not easy to implement new ideas, however since some time we have a feeling that all things are basically at the same point. It was a good job to implement a lot of improvements like Tribunal and fixing many simple bugs. Anyway, I do think that many people expect something else. What I mean is new powerups and/or new gamemodes that would make community and a game more interesting. It would attract more people to this game.

There were a lot of awesome ideas on forum, especially in topics like Great Powerup topic or Giant Gamemode topic. Unfortunately many of great ideas were never implemented. Nothing is happening. As far as I know another multiplayer games are full of new improvements that were suggested by its players.

Please don't understand me wrong. This game still brings a lot of fun and people will still be playing it. Maybe the reason is that you are scared people won't like new improvements. Anyway there is always an option of implementing new ideas just for testing to see if people like it or not and to see if it works in practice and not just in theory.

Geert, please open your mind for new ideas. You, as the developer and creator of this game, have right to independent decisions which we have to accept but your words like "we have enough colours" or "we have enough powerups" are just your opinions that don't fit with people's opinions. They want new colours and/or new powerups.

If you, dear players, agree with my post, please vote in the poll.



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New gamemodes would be great. We've enough colours and powerups for now.

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Enough powerups.
More icons, more colours! :)


enough powerups is right, id say even too many.


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Old power ups back^^ and pm chat bug fix

Red Speed Pro

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Moaaar colors :)

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There are new icons comming!


Kind Regards


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I would reimplement the whole game in c++ because I don't like flash :)

And also fix the game for speed mode :D.

But I never do what I want.



omg why useless icons!!:C colours pls


I want to change the mods & community manager.