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What should our first 2016 tournament be?

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Clan: Blub
What should our first 2016 tournament be?
3v3 thin
5% (4 votes)
4v4 thin
4% (3 votes)
FFA thin
39% (29 votes)
FFA green speed (never done before)
41% (30 votes)
2v2 green speed
8% (6 votes)
FFA special
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 74

Hi everyone!

So it is likely that our new mod (in a couple of weeks, whoever that may be :oo) will be tested out in their first ever CF official tournament. 8) The question is what do you guys want as the first tournament of the year? I've given some options above based on popular demand, if you have any other suggestions I will happily add them to the poll.

Get voting :D


PS: This is probably a one-off vote. The rest of the tournaments and when they are held in 2016 will be decided by the tournament mod(s), as they are the ones running them ofc!



I was thinking of:

  • January - 4v4 green speed
  • February - 1v1 corner
  • March - FFA thin

----CF 3----

i'd like to have 4v4 speed for january :)

ffa eu top 0.7%
team eu top 3.4%
Clan: KOLL


4vs4 gspeed -> often ends as camping and this isn't realy the sence of speed

1vs1 corner -> if you get a corner at the start your chance will be around 80% to win the round as you can turn a lot faster and protect the space easier, also you can use the space better and there wont be soo many people who would play this

ffa thin -> general, but still nice one



My time:

ffa eu top 12%
team eu top 13%
Clan: Jedi

Get Special items back!!! :'(

We want to see Curvefever not thinfever or speedfever :c!

1v1 eu top 13%
team eu top 20%

ffa thin or afk



ah conservative opinions

4v4 speed - yeh the sense of speed will def be different from 2v2 or 3v3 but i think its good how 4v4 speed mixes the usual team skill (making space) with speed skills. This combination gives the non-speed players more room to use their normal team skills while the speed skills the speeders own come in very handy. So the team tournament will have a nice general audience. (+ I mainly wanted this item setup because personally ive had lots of fun with every 4v4 speed game ive played xD idk how much others like it tho)

1v1 corner - oki i agree, maybe the luck outweighs the skills too much. I was just thinking there should be a 1v1 tourney but 1v1 none has been played quite a lot esp recently and 1v1 speed as well,,

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Do an ffa with every round diffrent items:



thin, corner

green speed, bubbles, ereaser

red speed

all red items

all green items


switch powerup


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Clan: AUL

chaos_2_win wrote:

Get Special items back!!! :'(

We want to see Curvefever not thinfever or speedfever :c!

Support, before CF3 comes out we should have a bit of amarcord Special tournament. Boo for thinfever

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Maybe this year there will be a tournament with this item

This is almost as None items tournament. It is not based on luck! It is also more interesting and working almost same as boring None items tournament. So, maybe will be one in this year? :)

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Clan: Blub

kompowiec...I love you! I want this too *-*


FFA thin! xD



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Clan: Blub

So it looks like we have a clear trend towards a FFA tournament. And accounting for the people who voted multiple times but on different accounts ( nice try guys ;) ) green speed is winning by around 4 votes. So our first tournament of the year 2016 will be one that's never been done before! It will be a green speed FFA tournament.

The exact date will be announced soon. It will likely be the very end of January or the start of February :)

Have fun!


Clan: JSJP

February tournament: 3v3 Reverse

I, Ruiner and kompowiec will win this for sure xD

team eu top 20%


Can the january tournament please be hold in january. People like me bought premium till 1 february so if the january tournament is hold in february it is a bit not nice. Thanks.

Regards, Scary'

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Clan: Blub

There needs to be a moderator to run it. If any of them can be there on one the days then fine.