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What is poor behaviour in Curve Fever?

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What is poor behaviour in Curve Fever?

This topic explains what we consider poor behaviour which players should avoid. They are guidelines only and moderators will use their judgement when necessary, as all cases are different. 

When playing Curve Fever, the following will be referred to as poor behaviour and will be punishable or correctable by the moderators:

 > Exploiting the ranking system

 > Leaving multiple team games on purpose

 > Adding inactive accounts to multiple FFA matches

 > Targeting other players in FFA to sabotage their game with no tactical intention

 > Changing power-ups at the last second to fool and annoy other users

 > Abusing the in-game chat

 > Abusing Curve Fever features in general

You may find out more about these rules at the end of this topic.

Do you want to report someone? This topic tells you everything you need to know to make a report.

The moderators

The cheater moderators are TheGordonBodalee and LukePvM. They aim to respond to reports within 14 days of them being made. If a case is not discussed within 14 days then Tranquility. will take a look at it. But of course they are volunteers who give up their own free time, so they are not obligated to do so. Some cases may also take longer to investigate and make a decision. These guys will do their best to make Curve Fever a fair game.

It is the responsibility of the cheater moderators to be neutral and fair in their decision making. They will take action if, and only if, enough evidence is given to make a reasonable conclusion. They will communicate any action taken and the reasoning underneath a cheater report. They will not reveal the identities of users or their accounts who are not directly involved or mentioned in a cheater case which has reached a conclusion.

What should do if I disagree with a moderator's decision?

Do not discuss it on the forum or in a game chat. Contact the moderator privately or email, where it will be checked by the Curve Fever staff.

Harassing or insulting moderators for their work will not be tolerated and will not help your case. Please follow the advice given previously.

Here is the poor behaviour in more detail 

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Exploiting the ranking system

This means any unethical result of the ranking system. An example of this is if a user is in the top 50 of the rankings but is playing a lot of matches against users of <1300 rank. The games are fair and do not break any rules. However, it doesn't look very good does it? They don't really deserve to be at the top if they don't compete against the best players in the game.

If something relatable to that above is observed then moderators will assess the situation. It may not be correct to ban the user, but to preserve the accuracy of the ranking system a rank reduction may be given. A more detailed discussion can be read here.

Leaving multiple team games on purpose

If you leave team games it ruins the match for the other people in the room. It will be unfair or one of the other team will decide not to play to maintain fairness, which is not very fair on them as it ruins their fun.

Accounts will be suspended for such actions.

Adding inactive accounts to multiple FFA matches

This ruins the scaling of maps and, in general, is just a nuisance for the other players in the room. It also offsets the ranking allocation. Users caught doing this on multiple occasions will have their accounts suspended. Users caught doing this with a significant rank gain may also be reduced rank.

Targeting other players to sabotage their game with no tactical intention

We all know it and we have all done it out of frustration. Everyone has bad days. However, if someone is unhappy with you sabotaging their game and they have done nothing wrong then they have every right to report you. This may result in the suspension of your account. Cases will not be considered if the chat area is not given as evidence. Users who are provoked or insulted will not be punished for targeting a user.

If you start to gain a reputation for such poor behaviour, without any reason other than your own amusement, then a significant or permanent ban may be issued. We will not tolerate users ruining the game for others.

If a moderator is present when someone is being targeted in such a way (including the moderators themselves), they reserve the right to kick that user from the room (after at least one formal warning). If the user comes back to the room then they may continue to play. If the behaviour continues still then the moderator may kick them continuously until the game ends. An account ban will follow.

Changing power-ups at the last second to fool and annoy other users

It is generally the responsibility of the players in the room to know what power-ups are selected. It is perfectly clear and the 5 second timer is enough to check it. However, it is still annoying when hosts troll around in this way. If they start to earn a reputation then moderators will investigate and account suspensions may follow.

Abusing the in-game chat

Spamming the chat is strictly banned. Abusive chatting (swearing, racism or anything offensive or inappropriate) may be reported by clicking on the "Rude chatting?" link in the chat box. It will then be processed by the tribunal.

The "Rude chatting" link will not work if you are using Flash Projector as your browser. In this case, please take screenshots and send to a moderator or directly.

Abusing Curve Fever features in general

Curve Fever tries to make things as fair as possible. It is important that players use their common sense and play the game for what it is supposed to be for.

Examples of feature abuse:

  • Auto-closing games: when everyone leaves a room, the room is closed and cannot be accessed again. Players in the past have used this to their advantage in 1v1 games. They ask the other player to refresh and when they leave to refresh the other player leaves and the room is closed. This is not allowed.
  • The chat: pretending to be another user by adding the username and then text on the next line. This has been seen on multiple occasions, trying to get other users into trouble when they didn't do anything. Users caught trying to do this will be heavily sanctioned.