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What kind of punishmet for paulisia is the best?

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What kind of punishmet for paulisia is the best?
bukake(if win this, i wanna take part in the action)
0% (0 votes)
brutal spanking of ass
13% (1 vote)
wedding with michal-sk
25% (2 votes)
sex with retarded gypsy
63% (5 votes)
Total votes: 8


today when i was playing fever, i asked paulisia: "do you love my ducks?" and she told: "nope". She insulted my ducks so she deserves die. But i propose some better punishments. 


This is part of our fb conversation:

Ján Яab:

you dont like my ducks?

Paulina Bo:


(this wasnt in conversation: i know,that you hate my ducks, bitch)



this is screen from game

better quality of image:

ffa america nr. 14
team america nr. 68


wedding with michal-sk   

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u need to go to some sexual specialist chefe, you are sexually unfulfilled, and thats the problem XD


i think u posting stuffs like this, coz the problem is u have never touched a girl and never will XD

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You Are What You Think You Are:)