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What does Curve Fever mean to you?

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What does Curve Fever mean to you?

Hi guys,

We would like your help to develop Curve Fever further. To see which direction we need the game to go to, we want to hear your voice. We would like to ask:

What does Curve Fever mean to you?

What is it that you like about the game?


In a nutshell, I like a lag-free cf2 (: 

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I don't know why I am even bothering posting again, because I feel as though my feedback has always felt abhorred to you guys.

Things I like about CurveFever include:
● The overall simplicity, yet competitive, aspects of the game is what personally caught my attention.
● The precisional aspect.
● The tactical aspect.
● The competitive aspect, which is dieing unfortunately.
● The time, effort, and consistency it takes to master these points.

I was going to elucidate my thoughts in detail, but I have wasted enough time in the past.


So , I like the game even if it is still so new. I'd like to make some points first and then talk about what i like about it and in comparison to cf2.

It is quite bold to make arenas and custom games cause it devides the players into groups and you have like 4/5 of players playing arenas and 1/4 playing custom . Now when you  introduce new modes like this knockout mode and teams later or whatever other mode is in the plans the players will devide into more  groups. i Find this a bit 'risky' cause even if the new modes will bring a few more players this devision will probably lead to a player reduction in each mode. For instance even now arena 3 doesn't have a lot players , so if new modes come some of the few players that are in arena 3 will leave to play the new mode making the arena system a bit weak . Im also wondering what will happen when new arenas come and in what percentage they will be active. Im reffering to it as a bold move cause this system with a lot of modes, arenas and stuff  requires a lot of players to hold on its own. But i can see the game has great potential and there are some ways to bring or keep the players playing that i can think of and im sure that your team has thought in depth about.

  • Firstly, now people play and the only object apart from winning is to buy curves and maybe colors and when they acquire those many of them  stop . So as Nitrogen Dioxide said, the game lacks competition but not dieing it is just not fully developed. Thats the easy part cause with a good reliable ranking system, achievements ,titles, special prizes and tourneys this will be solved and it will make more people come AND more importandly stay. I find this one of the most significant improvements/additions that need to be made.
  • The teams: Many people in cf2 played team way more (in some cases only) than ffa or 1v1(that includes me). It will make the game more interesting especially for more experienced players and might bring a few new players or old ones that found joy mostly in teams. Also we will see how different curves cooperate together which im really really excited for!!!(without teams it is like the game is half for me)
  • Friend lists and improved private chat. It will make the game better and  more people will come and play, espesially custom games and arenas. I actually believe that will bring more players in general.
  • A matter that bothered me about cf2 is that there was a huge gap between new players and experienced ones in terms of skills. And new players where not encouraged to play more and stay in the game. So every day i would see  and play with the same people over and over. There wasn't some type of friendly framework that would allow the new player to gradually become better to the game except maybe the ranking system, so the newcomers would leave quickly. They also never  see that this game has more depth in it such as tactics, strategy quick thinking, the competitive aspect. They think that it is a fun chill game just to play in their schools, during breaks with not actual depth at all and it is marketed that way to. That is good on 1 hand but i think that you need to show people that this game has much more to offer than what  they first see and would imagine. A handy manual on the homepage would be fun to make, that describes how to camp, halfcamp and things like that . Or an actual in depth description of the the different curves when you are going to buy them like the descriptions on a recent post made by incred. these things would make the game more appealing and not as incredibly simple as it looks. This is a huge topic to discuss about and i sharwed a few of my thoughts. Now the new arena system seems a bit more appealing to newcomers and it is quite good i think.
  • Entirely new stuff such as 5v5 or ffa with 10 people, maybe different powerups. I would like those so i would imagine other people would like them 2. Well maybe not now it is 2 early but later surely.

Now what i like about the new cf is that it's  a whole different game from cf2. I like that you have to unlock and buy curves with coins you earned. Thats really nice. It is really important that the homepage is simple and welcoming which it is. The curves that have different attributes from each other was a really nice idea(Even if i believe that you should make them cheaper  a bit just to encorouge new players to stay more in the game ). I  like the open walls which reduces camping. The general chat is  good . The thing that is missingfor me is teams. oh also for me it reduced the lag in comparison to cf2 idk though if that is true for others.

So to sum up i like teams please make teams happen quickly ^^

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I like CF, I do some game after work!

CF3 is a success, but he misses the team game .... and especially a ranking :(
a new game mode is a good idea but I think these two improvements are necessary and most important  .

a promotion system and relagation might be nice in the arenas (top 2 up, last 2 down )



laife wrote:

"So as Nitrogen Dioxide said, the game lacks competition but not dying it is just not fully developed."

That's not what he said? What he said was that the competitive scene is dying in CF2.

laife wrote:

"Now what I like about the new cf is that it's  a whole different game from cf2."

I disagree. It's very familiar to CF2, though just a worse version, made into a casual game to appeal to newcomers who haven't dedicated countless of hours into the game.

laife wrote:

"I like that you have to unlock and buy curves with coins you earned... The curves that have different attributes from each other was a really nice idea(Even if I believe that you should make them cheaper a bit just to encourage new players to stay more in the game )."

Well, when I tried playing CF3 I was surprised by how quickly you could obtain all of the snakes. It was just a tad too easy IMO. I mean you could compare that to the amount of time you would have to spend collecting coins for a new color in CF2. Now if you were even remotely apt you'd obtain all of the coins necessary within a day, which makes these snakes rather dull.

"I  like the open walls which reduces camping."

This is THE thing I hate the most about CF3. It's just mind-blowingly stupid. And if you ever played thin or speed or anything at a pro level in CF2, you basically have to RE-program your brain. It's just unbearable to cope with this change. Now when you said that it reduces "camping", I don't understand why that would be a good thing? You basically can't protect any area of the map from other players or even counteract other players decisions in the game for any strategic reason what so ever. No, I honestly believe closed walls require more skill on your hand than what open walls give credit for. :)



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Hey geert,

I started playing CF2 about 1,5 years ago, because I saw some let's play videos from german Youtubers. I got addicted fast, so I purchased a premium acc for 1 year, and I had lots of fun in Team Games and Custom Games. Then I stopped playing regularly for some time. When CF3 was launched, I started playing Curve Fever again, not as much as I played CF2, but in general, I like CF3 and the new feel of the game. Now I play CF3 like 0,5h a day or so, and i'm excited for new updates, and what the future of it will be.

What I miss in CF3 is some competitive Team Mode, where you can play with a friend (also on 1 PC). And a Mac Standalone version would be very nice. I know the Unity Editor, and I assume it's not that hard to build the game for Mac OS.

Cheers, QXQXQX


1)Yea I thought he was talking about cf in general , i guess cf2 competition is indeed dieing i haven't been playing lately

2) well it has the same base structure, that's true but it has still many different new stuff to it like arenas and diferent attributes to snakes. yh i didn't write this sentence  right

3)well if you are arrow that won the tourney of course you would get the curves easily and quickly. But here lies the problem .There are not many players that can do what you did. The majority of players are newbies. There are like around 30-60 different players  that are exceptionally good and can obtain easily all the curves who usually come first or second  in arenas 2-3. Then there are these who are very good ,still pro but have to fight to come in first places and they also will loose their money often cause they  will come 4,5 or 6th. They will also get all the curves but they will have to devote much more time than you to get them. And lastly we have the new comers who are the vast majority that when they play an arena different than arena 1 they will be very lucky if they get in top 3, so when they play different arenas they lose instantly and lose their money so they get stuck with shitty arena one curves. Thats why you see 500-600 players in arena 1(now Knockout) ,80-100 in arena 2 and only like 18 in arena 3 it is so unevengly distributed.  So you have this system that is really hard for new players who are as i said 100 times more than the pros and there are the vast majority ,i agree it is fairly easy for you and the other 50 players like me and you, and just right in difficulty for the "good-semipro" players. But i think right now the game is unfair to new players. To get better they need to play with better players AND have decent curves to do that, and iam saying you can cheapen a couple of good curves like the ghost or some other arena 2 curves for example so that new players could have the oportunity to play with the better ones and get better. And then you can have some other expensive 'special' late game curves reserved for pros. And this is just an idea you can also cheapen the arena 2 and 3 entrance so that the players would be distributed evenly or/and add new arenas so pros will play arena 4&3 instead of 2&3 and leave arena 2 for beginners or abandon entirely the arena system and follow the classic team/1v1/ffa/knockout modes ,no arenas or etc etc..

4) about the open walls ,y thats a preference i guess. iknow what you are sayiing cause i played in pro level both thin and speed (btw i try to see this game how it would appeal to people that come first time here and not as someone like me that plays the game for 3-4 years or you)


I will be frank, I don't care about CF3, but I will give you my thoughts on the matter anyway...

You don't need better curves to get better. And the type of curve you use will not compensate for the lack of skill. That is to say; it has very little impact on your win ratio compared to your own skill. But it will none the less effect you in a negative way, certainly if you completely lack all skill, lol.

To be honest, you seem to overestimate the significance of these curves. I mean, surely if we granted a newcomer with the best curve's available from the start, he wouldn't have anything but himself to blame for his incompetence?

Do you actually think it'd be fair for the pro players if say, all these newbies got all these curves for free? Meanwhile, everyone before them has devoted so much time into improving themselves before hand? Your argument kind of falls flat here, since no matter what you choose, it will always be unfair for some lucky someone. 

A fair chance of winning isn't enough, though. If you placed 1 pro vs 1000 newbies in a room, the odds would till be in the pro player's favor. And so it will never be fair in that aspect. The only fair thing about this game is other players lack of skill.





"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried"

- Stephen McCraine




Maybe i am overestimating on this, probably it won't change things much if they change prizes in curves. Nevertheless i doubt that the devs will alternate something like this at this point of time...I guess all of this is very well thought out and it is like that so that bying gems would play its part toο. The other ideas that i wrote on the matter are certainly of more important value and i believe are more likely to be considered if they already haven't.

Allthough i said cheapen some curves not all . Or just introduce 2 new cheaper ones but better. Probably then they would need to change more things.. Idk i am just sharing opinions that devs probably have already thought of.

 I still believe  that the extra big turning radious of arena 1 snakes and fatness have strong impact on the win ratio at least for me. If i won 6 out of 10 matches with some arena 3 snakes and ghost i would win 1 time out of 10 with an arena 1 snake . You control a snake much smoother and is way more fun to play when the radious and fatness gets better. I think i get what you mean though


I've thought of a solution to this problem. Instead of creating a better low tier curves, which would just make other low tier curves redundant, they should "lock" each arena mode and only allow certain tiers of curves in respective arena x. Let's say tier 1 in arena 1, tier 1 + 2 in arena 2,  and then tier 1 + 2 + 3 as selectable options in arena 3 etc. Such a solution wouldn't just balance the playground, it would also make lower tier curves more "useful" even later on in the game while giving off a natural feeling of game progression.





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@ I am Arrows

I like how you said it gives off a natural feeling of progression. For example, if I am a new player and I see a Jelly Cube in my first game of Curve Fever 3 I just saw the ultimate reward. Hence there is no mystery in reaching the end.

However I don't know if restrictions like these are neccesary. Ranks are coming out in a few weeks. I think they are good substitute for restrictions. Obviously, a player who owns the Jelly Cube is going to have a much higher rating than a first-time Curve Fever 3 player. They will never play in the same game with each other.


Competetiveness, monthly tournaments, ranking system (and the once ina blue moon I dont lag for 2 games)


That's actually a nice idea from Arrow.

Also the knockout mode isn't good as it is. It is max 2 min and thats kinda of no point. You can get eliminated from first round , so much luck cause of that,also no comebacks, only good for farming coins..

.If the elimination was every 3 rounds for instance i think it would be better...Actually still i don't know if thart will work cause i brlieve most players  like 6 people ffa instead of 6 then 5 then 4 then...

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To me Curve Fever is a stress ball, it helps me relaxing.