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What is cheating in Curve Fever?

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What is cheating in Curve Fever?

This topic explains the in-game rules of Curve Fever. They are guidelines only and moderators will use their judgement when necessary, as all cases are different. 

When playing Curve Fever, the following will be referred to as cheating and will be punishable through account bans without warning:

 > Rank boosting

 > Playing against your own team in team matches

 > Playing as a team in FFA matches

 > Abusing lag

 > Using macros or any program to control your snake

You may find out more about these rules at the end of this topic. If you are caught breaking any of these rules with a moderator present in the room then they will be allowed to kick you (after at least one formal warning). This may also be followed by an account ban.

Do you want to report someone? This topic tells you everything you need to know to make a report.

The moderators

The cheater moderators are TheGordon, Bodalee and LukePvM. They aim to respond to reports within 14 days of them being made. If a case is not discussed within 14 days then Tranquility. will take a look at it. But of course they are volunteers who give up their own free time, so they are not obligated to do so. Some cases may also take longer to investigate and make a decision. These guys will do their best to make Curve Fever a fair game.

It is the responsibility of the cheater moderators to be neutral and fair in their decision making. They will take action if, and only if, enough evidence is given to make a reasonable conclusion. They will communicate any action taken and the reasoning underneath a cheater report. They will not reveal the identities of users or their accounts who are not directly involved or mentioned in a cheater case which has reached a conclusion.

What do I do if I disagree with a moderator's decision?

Do not discuss it on the forum or in a game chat. Contact the moderator privately or email, where it will be checked by the Curve Fever staff.

Harassing or insulting moderators for their work will not be tolerated and will not help your case. Please follow the advice given previously.

Here are the cheater rules in more detail 

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Rank boosting

This means gaining ranking points from unfair matches. We may ban users for:

  • Playing against their own accounts.
  • Playing repetitively against inactive accounts.
  • Playing repetitively with users who are playing against their own team or assisting in FFA.
  • Playing repetitively in team games with users who dropped their rank deliberately.
  • Playing repetitively in team games with users on very low-ranked second accounts (compared to their other accounts).
  • Helping other users gain rank unfairly, as above.

Users doing any of the above will receive rank reductions accordingly. The rank reduction may be significantly more than the rank earned from the unfair matches, depending on the severity of the case.

Playing against your own team in team matches

In team games you are not allowed to sabotage your own team repeatedly. This may include killing your own team mates, dying on purpose or any other action which we consider as unfair towards your team.

Playing as a team in FFA matches

In FFA matches you are expected to play for yourself. You may not play as a team who builds camps together or aims to help particular users in any way which is unfair for the rest of the players in the room.

Tactical play will not be considered as cheating. For example, two players sandwiching the leader into the wall to try and catch them is not cheating. We expect people to use common sense here.

Finally while we encourage making friends and playing with them, we expect you to play FFA reasonably. If you cannot do this then please move to team rooms.

Abusing lag

Lag is a sensitive issue. If someone is in South America, for example, then they will always lag on the EU server. This is not abusing lag because they will see everyone's snake lagging on their screen.

However, creating lag using any kind of software is strictly banned on Curve Fever and will not be taken lightly. This also applies to players who use their lag to create confusion deliberately, such as bugging the power-ups. If your intention is clearly to annoy other users with lag then account bans will be issued.

Using macros or any program to control your snake

Using such things to your advantage in a game is not permitted. You must control the snake yourself manually. You also may not use software to harvest coins while you are not at your computer.