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What is this?

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What is this?

P.S following achievement (garbage bin) is impossible to get.

ffa eu nr. 87
team eu top 2.9%
Clan: KOLL

This is a very nice topic, if you want to know something about achievements:

The achievement you search is the GlobeTrotter achievement and it was never available. As fare as I know "TheAvenger"(with bananasymbol) and "Cooling Down" are not available anymore for a year(maybe more or less, don't know it exactly). All others just work fine.

If you want the achievement with the garbage bin symbol, I would suggest create room with this setting:

players: 4

items: special 1% drop

fieldsize/ranked are not important

Attention: Don't win 10:0, don't leave the room while playing for the achievement.



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