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Welcoming PeterNo/oNreteP - new tournament moderator

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Welcoming PeterNo/oNreteP - new tournament moderator

Please welcome @PeterNo/oNreteP as the new tournament moderator for CF2/CF3. He will do an awesome job together with Wolkenstern!

We wish him the best of luck and I am sure that he will keep you all curving around :)

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ffa eu top 5.4%
1v1 eu top 57%
team eu top 91%
Clan: Boss

Best choice for tournament moderator IMO

ffa eu nr. 37
1v1 eu nr. 7
team eu top 7.8%

good luck :)

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Congratz my friend. Hope you make good tournaments. Good luck & have fun.

- Ivan


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FFA - 1662

Team - 1710

1v1 - 1558 

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Clan: Bye

wow, gl hf man.

The Godfather <3