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Welcome, new moderators!

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Welcome, new moderators!

A big thank you to everyone who applied for a moderator role in our community! We appreciate your passion, willingness to contribute and the time you took to reach out to us.

Let's take a moment to meet our new moderators!!! heart 

Now, please welcome, General Moderators Skeilah and sam_pum, and Lead Moderator Averazon! 

Hello everyone!

I am Averazon! I live in Belgium and I'm 19 years old. I've played Curve Fever since 2014 and I'm still in love with the game after all this time. I play all games (CF2, CF3 and CFPro) and I am online on Discord too. Say hello when you see me, don't be afraid!

I am honoured to be your new lead moderator and together with all of you, the HMG team and the
moderators team will let everyone enjoy the Curve Fever experience like they never did before!


Yoyo CF friends!
I am sam_pum! I also live in Belgium and I’m 22 years old. Many of you already know through the game, and if not, you will see me soon!  [:wink:]

As a General Moderator I will try to contribute the moderator team and help the whole community as much as possible! If you have any question, you can always contact me via Discord or just PM me in the game!
See you soon! Lots of love <3 from sam_pum


Hello there!

My name is Skeilah, and I'll be one of your new General Moderators :D I (also) live in Belgium and I'm 21 years old. In my free time, of course I play Curve Fever (You can find me very often playing CF3), but I also play alt saxophone. I just love music! 

If you have a question, just ask away. I'm there to help. And just for you to know, I also like to just have conversations, so if you don't have a question but you wanna talk, just say hi and I'll be there too!


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Wow im happy its these 3 and not vito!!! Phew thank god

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ffa eu top 0.7%
1v1 america nr. 84
team eu top 64%
Clan: 18

Hopefully cf2 goes in the right direction this time! Acute

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Congratulations sam_pum, Skeilah and Averazon! Good luck being a moderator and also have fun too!

- Ivan


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FFA - 1662

Team - 1710

1v1 - 1558 



sam but pls dont be one sided thx Biggrin and choose nice items for tour cos i am sure u are tour mod tbh

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sam_pum isn't the tournament moderator. He is the new General/Community moderator. The Devs are still finding a new player that can both handle tournaments in Curve Fever 2 & 3. Congratulations to the new three moderators that have been chosen! 

- Rahli.

ffa eu top 0.6%
1v1 eu nr. 4
team eu top 4.4%

good luck !

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Thank you all! 

ffa eu top 0.7%
team eu top 8.1%
Clan: KOLL


As I see you have almost no games played on this account. Are you known with another account(if this is the case, what’s your main?) or are you a player who only plays cf3?


Congrats to Sam, good choice




My time:

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Skeilah is mostly a Curve Fever 3 player. Maybe she has another account, but I don't know. But I think she has another account? Congrats.

- Rahli.

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No, I just don't play cf2 so much. I'm indeed a cf3-player, but maybe you will see me more often from now^^