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Welcome at the CurveRadio forum!

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Welcome at the CurveRadio forum!

Hello curvers!


From today CurveRadio has it's own forum part! We're really glad that we and CurveFever can bring you guys this amazing feature. In this post I will explain you guys some cool stuff about CurveRadio and where we will use this forum for.

What will we do in this forum part?

We will ask our listeners their opinions. We also would like to receive song suggestions so we can see what people would like to hear. Also ideas are always welcome regarding CurveRadio making even more awesome! Events and other messages will also be posted here so everyone knows about it!

Website -



For seeing the whole staff please click ...

Become a DJ on CurveRadio?

If you would like to become a DJ on CurveRadio, please click (soon)


Additional information


 Feel the Curve Beats!


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Good luck with making this radio big and popular. :-)

Here are a few songs id like to hear (if they arent already on a list):
- RHCP - Otherside
- RHCP - Californication
- Young guns - Bones
- Young guns - You are not
- Lostpropeths - 4 am
- The red jumpsuit apparatus - Face down
- 12 stones - Hey love
- 30 seconds to mars - From yesterday
- Three days grace - Pain
- Linkin park - Somewhere I belong
- Skillet - awake and alive
- one piece - one of us is going down

Lets roock! ^-^

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Thanks for commenting :D 

Good choice of songs. we should hopefully be adding these very soon :)

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I would like to hear some good music too :D


Brennan Heart
Psyko Punkz
D-Block & S-te-fan
Dzeko & Torres

Old but gold:

Bon Jovi
Guns N' Roses
Smash Mouth
Liquido - Narotic

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CurveFever Moderator
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CurveRadio had a new update!


  • We got new DJs that joined us! Worth joining their shows and enjoying the tunes.
  • A complete new update of the autodj as requested by the listeners!

Best regards,


Radio Manager CurveRadio


General Manager Studio2 aka CurveRadio

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Curveradio is down?

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Offline is currently down for server maintenance. It should be back online soon! :) You can still listen in-game, on other sites andthrough smartphone apps.


Best regards,


General Manager Studio2 aka CurveRadio