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WCF First 1v1 Tournament

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Clan: HOLA
WCF First 1v1 Tournament

Hello guys!
This is the first tournament of World Curve Federation. You DON'T NEED to be premium to join, everyone can play in this tournament! The tournament is going to be 1v1.

You have to sign in (inscribe) here: THE TOURNAMENT MATCHES WILL START 1 OF DECEMBER, and the inscription ends the 30 of November at 23:59 CET.



You can see Schedule in "Calendar" option:

Where's calendar?Is here:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Sign Up people (inscribed people):


ffa eu nr. 31
1v1 eu top 1.4%
team eu nr. 2
Clan: NO2

Cf3 Lol

ffa eu top 1.7%
1v1 eu top 5.1%
team eu top 4.4%
Clan: KOLL

As this is an unofficial tournament, it doesn't belong to the tournament section as new topic. Unofficial tournaments have to be posted here to decrease the spam of new topics:



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Yes this is debatable; however, we feel that if tournament listings are put as a reply to a topic they don't get enough attention. This is because they are a bit hidden. It seems more fair if all tournaments get enough publicity because a main concern for all tournaments is getting enough people to sign-up.

​Official-sponsored tournaments will always be stickied. If an unofficial tournament is very-well run it will also be stickied.

Clan: HOLA

Guys I need your help for grow this project.

Clan: HOLA

Up guys, need help.