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Vito... boosting rank

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ffa eu nr. 17
1v1 eu nr. 14
team eu nr. 2
Clan: Boss
Vito... boosting rank

Who is cheating?


What rule is he breaking?

Playing against low team ranks and 1v1 ranks
Rank Boosting

What proof do you have?


Team games look suspicious also, but I'm not sure if its some boosting cuz I played with friends and they played on them main accs aswell, we won all games for +3 +4 (sometimes more) etc. against low opponents ( 2nd accs often), but nobody of the stronger players would play at this time and not many people were online at the time, 1v1 same tbh.I just wanted to play the game.

team game, for example and older matches u need to see:

I was lucky, I won all the games without fail, but I was quite good probably also. 

ffa eu top 5.8%
team eu top 21%
Clan: DNVD

Hello Vito...,

I don't think it's the right way trying to be funny in the forum while exploiting the ranking system.
The mod team will think about consequences and we will take another look on your games.

Kind regards

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