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Very low team ranking due to crashes.

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Very low team ranking due to crashes.

Hi! My ranking in team games is pretty damn low. Partly due to me semi-sucking, but mostly due to game crashes.

The game freezes, I quickly CTRL+W to close it, and reopen it with CTRL+SHIFT+T to rejoin. Bam, rank down by like 50. Now it's down around 300 and people don't really want to play with me. :( What's to do about this? It kind of sucks...


What browser are you using? Try updating flash if you're not using Chrome.


I'm using Chrome. Is that a bad browser for the game?

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Try playing via standalone version of this game. It eliminates browser cache and other stuff.

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BeerMaker wrote:

Try playing via standalone version of this game. It eliminates browser cache and other stuff.[/quote]

Thanks, I'll try that. :) Is there no way to save my rank though? After all it's some sort of bug on Curve Fever's behalf, so I don't know if I could be blamed. :/

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you have 300 team rank.. what are you doing when you closed the game tab? sit in front of your pc and wait till its over? Oo

if you reopened the game as soon as you closed it and rejoined the running game, you could max loose 2-5 rank but not 400 rank...



Depends how many games this happened to him, what computer he has and his internet speed.

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You should try to use Opera, I only use Opera for Curve Fever ;D

Hopefuly this helps.

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When ur computer problem is fixed, just make a new account and start over with 700

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Yes Chrome laggs less than firefox and internet explorer

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Use F5 to refresh instead of closing or maybe just go out of a room and then back in it.

It helps!