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Useless Reports

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Useless Reports

Just wanted to use this topic to express my thoughts on what everyone thinks cheating is...

Alicia reported GirlyGurl for playing with 2 other people for whatsoever reason she has.

Question: How is it your business even if she plays with people to attain 2k rank?? Does she not have the rights to choose who she plays with or what?? 

I think Alicia is maybe jealous of her getting 2k and that's why she

Like seriously don't we have rights to play with whoever we want?---Some mods will reply saying that it's not fair for who she plays with because they are way below her skill level, but umm I think they have a choice to leave the game too if they wanted so it really is no big deal that GirlyGurl plays with people below her skill level, because it's her way of having fun, even if it's just to get a higher rank, cuz i'm sure many other people do this too.

The fact remains that she cannot continue playing with below that are way below her as she will stop getting rank points.

If there is a reason for this punishment or rule saying that one can't play with who they want can someone pls explain it to me?

Oh and Alicia MYOB pls it really irritates me seeing all these useless reports... Wink


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I am disappointed inmyself for not saving the matchlinkes where he boosted his teamrank.


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Ok, for a start, it is commonly known on this forum that you don't discuss cheater cases. This is why you can't reply on the cheater forum. Furthermore, the cheater mods can tell if someone plays against themselves to earn rank because they have the means to do so. 


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Dear unholy,

let's make it short.
Girlygurl didn't play against other users to gain this rank, she played against her own accounts. She didn't play against people below her skill, she played against herself.
(And for your info: there's also a rule that a Top50 player should face players of his/her skill/rank and not only low skilled/ranked players. This wasn't the case here anyway as she (Girlygurl) was boosting with her own accounts.)

Kind regards

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If you feel like GirlyGurl faced injustice, please contact This doesnt belong on the forum.

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