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[ UNOFFICIAL ] World Cup!

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Clan: JSJP
[ UNOFFICIAL ] World Cup!


I have understood that hosting Olympics was worse idea then it would been hosting World Cup so I deleted 4 last tournaments in Olympics ( Sorry).  Olympics will finish on 25th of June.

In the centre of July I will start hosting Unofficial World Cup in CF2. So a bit about World Cup.

The Format

The tournament will involve FFA, team and 1v1 events involving various powerups. You will not need to be premium to enter!  Everyone will be asked to state which country they represent on sign-up. Sign up for 

For the team and 1v1 events I will require help from you guys. Games will be on set dates at set times, with randomised powerup settings.

Team Captains

For a country to compete in the team and 1v1 events, they will need 2 team captains (minimum 1). Anyone who wants to be a team captain can contact me by private message! 

What do the captains do?

Organise teams to play at the times given to them by the moderators (Don't worry, the schedule will be given well before the games need to be played).
Take everyone who wants to play seriously and don't be biased towards friends. 
Be professional about it. You are representing your country!
Be active.

Think you are responsible and active enough?  Then you can be your country's captain! You have to send me a private message(s) if you want someone to be added to your team! Wink

New rule: Everyone can represent country they are born in, have lived there, are currently living there or what nationality they have! Play for your real country!!!

How to sign up?

Comment I'm in+ what country/team will you represent. You don't have to sign up separately for Basic FFA ( 10 1st items 6 people) tournament! Basic FFA tournament will be held 19:00 CEST ( Amsterdam time, check this out here: )  on 21st July of 2017. You can participate there if you sign up before 20th of July 19:00 CEST. Sign up for World Cup  ends on 30th of July 19:00 CEST.

Anyone want to be World Cup moderators? It would be nice if You had experience with hosting tournaments or helping organizing them. You can tell me via private message on CF2 forum ( Instrumentique), via Discord ( FadedCF) or if you have me on other social networks, then there. Also if you don't want to sign up here you can tell me ( Instrumentique) in game or send me a private message on CF2 forum.

May the registration begin!

Good luck&have fun!

List of people that are signed in World Cup:


Clan: JSJP

I'm in as a captain of The Baltic States.

Clan: JSJP

Edit: I'm in as a captain of The Baltic States+Finland.

team eu top 26%
Clan: TBU

u rather just make another olympics but with 6 tournaments that the items makes sense


I am in representing Argentina


I'm in for France.

ffa eu top 16%
team eu top 18%
Clan: COQQ

I'm in for the Netherlands.

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ffa eu top 2.5%
1v1 eu top 7%
team eu top 11%
Clan: HOLA

iam in for germany ♥

°\(*-*°\)     °\(*-*)/°     (/°*-*)/°


Clan: JSJP

I mean I am in for Estonia! Biggrin

Clan: Jsuf

im  in for  Argentina

team eu top 100%
Clan: WAR

I'm in ​for the captain of the USA

ffa eu top 0.4%
team eu top 49%
Clan: fuck

Im in for England

Clan: JSJP

Basic FFA tournament will be held on 21st of July! You can still sign up for your country! Hurry up!

Clan: JSJP

Schedule of today's Basic FFA tournament is on! Show up for your countries! 

Link: . Good luck, have fun!




team eu top 7.9%

I'm in for Germany!



Clan: JSJP

Tomorrow's games schedule is ready! Get your team on!