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[Unofficial] Random Items Tournament, 03.08.2019 20:00 CEST!

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[Unofficial] Random Items Tournament, 03.08.2019 20:00 CEST!


Me and Sunflower. have decided to host an unofficial tournament this Saturday!

The tournament will be held on Saturday, 3rd of August, 20:00 CEST

Therefore, you have time to sign up until Saturday, 3rd of August, 18:00 CEST.

Sign up by commenting "I'm in".

You do not need to have premium membership to join this tournament. Therefore, it would be nice if you had at least 500 coins so you could host a game.

Late sign-ups will be accepted, if there will be free spots. If more than 32 people sign up, there will be qualification round (s).

The tournament is going to be mostly FFA but in round 3 there will be also teamgames!

A bit about the format:

Tournament begins with qualification round (s) if more than 32 people sign up. After 32 players that will be able to participate in tournament will be clear, round 1 begins. After round 1 is being played, the players will be separated by their final position into 4 different levels. Please note that you can also rise to the higher lever or drop to lower level during the next rounds. Top 2 of round 1 will continue playing in dark green level, which is the highest level and the most far from knocking out. Players, that finished on 3rd and 4th positions, will continue playing in light green level, which is the second highest level. 5th - 6th placed players will play in light yellow level and 7th - 8th placed players in dark yellow level. The lower level you are, the more you need to finish on higher positions to not get closer to knocking out. You will still have chance to win the tournament, if you get to the dark yellow level, so, don't give up! 

Each round, there will be different power-ups in the tournament! All possible combinations can be viewed from this screenshot:

   Main combination means that it is usually more popular and minor means that it is not that popular. As noted in red, all main combinations will be used in the tournament and 7 out of 14 minor combinations, too. If more than 32 players sign up, then minor combination (s), which were left out from tournament, will be used in qualification round (s). The combinations draw will be made on Curve Fever Discord server at #tournaments channel at least 1 hour before the beginning of the tournament. After that, participants will also be randomized into rooms. We will also randomize members of each teams before the beginning of round 3.

Join Curve Fever Discord server by clicking here:

Schedule can be found from here:

There are no prizes yet but if anyone wants to sponsor the tournament, we will not be against it!

We hope to see all of you in tournament!

Sunflower. / Shikon.


ffa america top 14%
1v1 america top 9.4%
team america top 36%
Clan: BENK

I'm in.

im in :)


Im in

ffa america nr. 64
1v1 america nr. 26
team america top 7.8%


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ffa america top 4.3%
team america top 13%

Im in 

Clan: Milk

Im in

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team america top 21%
Clan: akwa

im in