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(Unofficial) Last tournament of Curve Olympics.

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(Unofficial) Last tournament of Curve Olympics.


The last tournament of Curve Olympics will be Green  Corner FFA!

It will be held on 25th of June 19:00 CEST ( Amsterdam time).

Schedule: .

The itemdrop will be 100% and size Scaled. 

Please show up because it is the last tournament of olympics.

How to unluck Corner?

You can read here: .

The requirements to get an achievement are:

Minimum of 4 players, guests count.
Ranked or Unranked does not matter.
Either FFA or Team game.
Basic powerups or a minimum of 10 powerups selected out of the first three rows of powerups.
Only Basic and Premium [first three rows] powerups can be used to unlock achievements, not special Powerups.

How I got it: 



About final results of Olympics:

1st place- Vito... - Congratulations!

Vito... won 3 of 8 tournaments! He was also leading always. After 6th tournament  he was leading with me but at end he was better. Vito... obtained points from every tournament! Vito... got 120 points what makes 15 points per tournament what is 75% out of maximum.

2nd place- Instrumentique - I managed to get 2nd place by obtaining points from every tournament. Only me and winner Vito... managed to do that. After 6th tournament  we were tied but at end I was worse than him so he managed to win. I won no tournaments but was twice 2nd. I finished with 107 points.

3rd place- MrPiter - 3rd place goes to MrPiter who  won twice tournaments. MrPiter obtained points from 6 tournaments out of 8. Congratulations! MrPiter finished with 84 points.

4th place- kompowiec - Kompowiec  didn't play in 2 tournaments and didn't obtain points in 1v1 None tournament but he still finished 4th with 63 points! Kompowiec didn't win tournaments but managed to get 2nd place twice. Congratulations!

5th place- Ruiner  - Ruiner finished 5th with 49 points, beating skimpily  6.-8. place players. He obtained points from 4 tournaments and was 2nd in 1v1 None tournament. Congratulations!

6th place- Ben de Bakker - Ben managed to  get 2nd in Green Speed FFA and Green Speed 2v2. He obtained points from 3 tournaments. He finished 6th with 48 points. Congratulations!

7th place- SuperNeger2 -  SuperNeger2 managed to get 2nd in Green Speed 2v2. He obtained points from 4 tournaments. Congratulations!

8th place- Sorosys - Sorosys obtained points from 5 tournaments and finished 8th with 43 points. Congratulations!

9th place-  BLAcKYeLLoW - BLAcKYeLLoW managed to get 9th by playing only in 2 tournaments! He finished 3rd in 1v1 None and he won Corner FFA tournament! He gained 36 points! Congratulations!

10th place- Brave Heart - Brave Heart obtained points 4 different tournaments and he finished 10th with 33 points. Congratulations!

11th place- Ralfino - Ralfino played only in 3 tournaments and obtained every time points. He finished 11th with 32 points. Congratulations!

12th place- BrainrAge - BrainrAge obtained points from 3 tournaments and he won Thin FFA tournament! He finished 12th with 31 points! Congratulations!

There is 1 more player who's worth mentioning. It's Crozzi. Crozzi won 1v1 None tournament and finished with 20 points 15th-17th place. Congratulations!

I would like to thank my moderating team- Sorosys, theangelov, Kenneth727 and Colchonero! Also I would like to thank all recorders! 58 players gained points in Olympics. Congratulations to everyone!

You can see final leaderboard here: .

Thank you, everyone, who showed up in Olympics! 

Vito...  is the real King of Olympics!!!