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(Unofficial) Curve Fever 2 clans olympics

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(Unofficial) Curve Fever 2 clans olympics

I'm just reposting Faded's informations from the CF3, to get more attention on his idea of CF2 clan olympics:


Hello there.
I know that the topic I’m creating isn’t about Curve Fever 3 - it is about Curve Fever 2.
So, I’m hosting an unofficial Curve Fever 2 clans olympics!
As many of you know, there is an opportunity to create/join a clan in Curve Fever 2. Clanmates usually do clanwars and so on. Since there are not many active clans I’ve decided to host an event.

How can you join the event?

Go to CurveFever clans website. You can get there by clicking on this link:
As you are logged with your Curve Fever 2 account, the site gives you opportunity to join a clan or create a clan. Choose 1 of them and type clan’s name which you are going to create or join. Note: you can’t name a created clan by name that is already taken.

The format:

There will be probably 8 tournaments, since clans are in main focus of the olympics then all tournaments will be team games! There will be 2 against 2, 3 against 3 or 4 against 4 tournaments!
The best of each tournaments will gain points to the leaderboard and the clan that will have the most points after last tournament, is the winner! You are able to use ALL players that are in your clan during the tournament. If your clan wants to participate, then you must sign up here or have to write a private message to Instrumentique on Curve Fever 2 forum. You can also write a private message on this forum to me. There will be also deadlines for signing up. If there are free places left to the schedule, then the deadline will be moved until there are no places left. After the deadline, no clan is allowed to add any more players to their clan. For avoiding cheating, the tourney crew will take care that the list of clan’s members will be written down somewhere (probably on the schedule). Your clan may have as many members as you want - there’s no limit!

Additional information:

Since the event is unofficial, there won’t be any rewards to the winners. Therefore, there are many positive aspects in this event. For example, you, as a participant, may meet new people during the event and make friendship with them!  [:heart:]
Also, you will experience much fun and good games with your clanmates.

The first tournament will be 4 against 4 Green Corner!

Hope you like the idea and will sign up!
Good luck!



This isn't related to my clan league in any way.