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Undenied Skill

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Undenied Skill

Hello guys,

I stubbed my little toe this morning on the edge of my desk.
Though the grief was real, my gut was well enough to suffer in silence and not to alarm my sleeping room-mates.

But here are the facts homies:
I was peacefully reading some Curve Fever hot topics (no pun ; I mean..., the topics were hot like potatoes, not the girl'z inside) when I slipped on a banana skin...
Ed: -- Yeah, I know surprising stuff indeed, but trying to reproduce my astonishment and that abrupt change of my state was quite hard ; the banana acts a bit like a Deus ex Machina you know, kind of... --
I might have broken my leg (or even die :( ) if my cat abilities didn't save my holy godly sainted life from that banana..

Well, since nobody is reading it, I'll stop there and treat my dying toe..

You may not believe all the things that were said.. But the truth is here guys, all around my speech. Cats are genuine and ache was harsh-sounding.


ps: Geert, can I have a free-premium ?
pps: I mean, for the banana
ppps: I'm suffering a lot, I deserve it :'(
pppps: Killu, could you write a RIP song for my toe ?