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Unable Clanmoderators

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team america top 22%
Clan: KOLL
Unable Clanmoderators

Hi Community

I realy can't understand why all say that the clanpage is very good and bugs get fixed fast. Two days ago me and my partner had a normal clanwar Hmm vs 2E1.

We won easy and wanted to enter result. But we couldn't. It showed us Error 3 when i entered Result. We reported the match because "Technical problem" and sone a moderator(alkapten) answered.

Error 3 means that 1 player of the opponent team(2E1) isn't registred at clan, but both members were registred and are still registred ( So there is a bug.

Alkapten said he will fix it.

2 hours later, 4 hours later, 1 day later and today i tried to enter result but still bug! Yesterday i send him message and he said he will message me when it is fixed. Since this time the 2E1 clan tried 1 time to delete the match(i stoped countdown) and what happen today? Yes, the match got automatic deleted because "we didn't played" the match till now.

So we can't get points now for a fair won clanwar because some mods are unable to fix bugs intime???

I'm realy angry now and i hope a Clanpage moderator will react now and fix this bug and give us our points!

Regards Nowodny2

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Don't be angry and stay calm next time.
If there are serious bugs on Curve Clans, we will solve them ofcourse.
Complaining doesn't help.

I agree you had to wait a little bit too long,
but we just were too busy.

CurveFever Clans Moderator
CurveFever Moderator
Don't you deal with my decisions, please send me a private message.

team america top 22%
Clan: KOLL

ok thank you that you fixed it now, but i was angry because when i tried it last time(ca 30 min before match got auto deleted) i wasn't able to enter result and whne it then gets deleted you can understand that i m a little bit angry because we won fair the match and then shouldnt get points. but forget it now  :D



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