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tribunal problem

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tribunal problem

i noticed that when i was reporting a spammer.

i open a report and i could find the spammer twice: once as normal and once with +1

the problem is that tribunal see players with added accounts as a different player then without having other accounts added.

so if player "A" is reported 3 times and was once normal, once +1 and once +2 he wont get a report in tribunal, because the reports are seen as reports for 3 different persons. maybe this should be changed

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This is done on purpose and it works like this:

It lists all display name variants of the name that were seen in the room. It doesn't matter which one of those is selected because its binded to client id that stores all users that were logged in that session.

To demonstrate it on your example (imagine the situation in room lobby where its possible to change user accounts):

Client 1 as player "A" joins the room, you see him as "A". [A]

Client 1 adds a guest, you see him as "A+1". [A, Guest]

Client 1 adds player "B", you see him as "A+2". [A, Guest, B]

Client 1 removes player "A", you see him as "Guest1+1" [Guest, B]

Client 1 removes guest, you see him as "B". [B]

Now someone decides to report him, but tribunal will list all these options: A, A+1,A+2,Guest+1,B. It doesnt matter which one of them is selected, because all of them will lead to Client 1. So whatever is selected, players "A" and "B" will always get reported.

team america top 22%
Clan: KOLL

ok, thank you for explaining this. thought it is a mistake :P



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