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Treasure hunt : Tweety is hidden in the forum !

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Treasure hunt : Tweety is hidden in the forum !

Hi all,

2 Tweety bird have been hidden in the forum ! You have the weekend to find Tweety. The deadline is Sunday 30 July 2017 - 20:00 Europe Time. You are allowed to ask any question to get help in finding Tweety until Saturday 29 July 2017 - 20:00 Europe Time, but with two conditions :

1) I will answer only by « yes » or « no ».
2) You can ask only one question.

I will answer to the questions saturday night, after 20:00 (I can't say exact time for the moment, it depends of the number of questions).

If you have found Tweety, post a screen and show us where is he. Post screenshots or ask question under this topic :

If someone find one of the Tweety, he will get a reward ! If nobody find Tweet... no reward ! To make it harder for others, you can also hide others Tweety in the forum. I saved 2 screenshots where the real Tweety have been hidden, so you can't trick me ! Also, I do an exception about two forum rules (« Bump threads » and « Derail a thread's topic ») until the end of the Treasure hunt, but, if you are not sure, before posting, read the forum rules, it takes 1 minute >

Advice : Try to find the first one before the second one, the second one is much harder to find. 

The first one is like this :

The second one is like this :

Have a good research !


• I had some questions about the rewards. There will be 2 options for the rewards, you can choose one of the 2 options. Also, if you find Tweety, you can offer the reward to a friend or someone else !

29.07.2017 00h05 - Hint 1 : The first Tweety is hidden in a topic or a comment under the forum ! (in other words, he can't be hidden in the "rankings section" or some hidden sections like "More > Our Team").

​• Curve Fever 2 forum only !

29.07.2017 09h00 - Hint 2 : Tweety 1 and Tweety 2 are hidden in the same section (Section 1 : "Curve Fever 3" ... Section 11 : "Cheaters"). This hint should help you to ask questions tonight.

​• I saw some of you already posted screenshots. One note : the Tweeties hidden in the forum are exactly the same size/dimension as above, so it can't be the one you posted !

• The first session of questions has been answered around 10:00 (I edited post at midnight because I forgot 2 questions posted before 10:00) See the answers >

• A new session of questions has started. Everybody can ask one more question, I'll answer Sunday 30 August at 16:00.

• Tweety 1 has been found by NOWODNY2 (30 Jul '17 01:10), congratulation !
• Tweety 2 has not been caught yet !

30.07.2017 14h00 - Hint 3 : Tweety 2 can be caught only if you do one « click » somewhere.

The second session of questions has been answered around 16:00 See the answers >

30.07.2017 19h05 - Hint 4 :

Winner is . . .

NOWODNY2, congratulations ! He found the 2 Tweety ! I thought it could not be possible to find the second one, but you have asked good questions, and all together, you have guided NOWODNY2 to find them, so also congratulation to all the participants ! I hope you had some fun, maybe you have found some nice old topics posted by the community in the old good times, don't regret for not finding Tweety, there will be new opportunities. NOWODNY2 is very active in the forum, so he showed good research talents, congrats again!

With your feedbacks, I realized I made some mistakes, and I'll try to make it better the next time, if I can organize it again. Maybe it will be by team of 3 or 4 people for developping the research teamplay ! Any suggestions to give a new activity to the forum are always welcome !