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Treasure hunt : Did you find Tweety ?

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Oh! I didn't know that you had to click on it! Well done NOWODNY! Congratulations! Nicely hosted Destin.! Will you host such searching game again in future ? It was really fun to see old good topics due to searching!

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Thanks for your feedbacks ! I have no idea what will be next event in the forum. I asked some ideas to NOWODNY because he was a very active forum moderator and I like his investments. I admit I don't have much time to organize that kind of events. I was available this weekend so I have taken this opportunity to test this event. So if some ideas come up in your minds, share them ! You can post it in the Suggetions topic : (> Home » Forums » Serious stuff » Suggestions ). You help is very welcome ! =)

About the prizes. NOWODNY2 has won two prizes. He wanted to offer both prizes to other people. After a hard reflexion, he has chosen Luna2 and Mylifeispotato. They have been both granted with 6 months premium.

 Thanks for your investments, and see you soon with some new events ! 

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