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For the past 2 years, we have been working on brand new project - Document of Official Curve Fever 2 Tournaments.

In that document, we have included:

  • Results of finals;
  • Links to the topics about the tournaments;
  • Links to the tournament schedule;
  • Links to the recording of the final match;
  • Annual leaderboard of the most successful tournament players of the year.

We have tried to include first 4 points to every hosted official tournament ever. Unfortunately, we were not able to find information for all tournaments. So, if you have anything which we do not have in the document about first 4 points, feel free to contact Sunflower. or me (Thor Edinson) on forum. We would be really appreciated if you did it. About the fifth point, we did it for years 2012-2018. That means, that you can see who were the most successful players of each year. If you want to know it already without visiting the document, feel free to check out the spoiler.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

The best tournament player of 2012 is G_Master!

The best tournament player of 2013 is theRealMadridcf!

The best tournament player of 2014 is theRealMadridcf!

The best tournament player of 2015 is Gilnash!

The best tournament player of 2016 is theRealMadridcf!

The best tournament player of 2017 is theRealMadridcf!

The best tournament player of 2018 is Bloodred!

You can also check out from the annual leaderboard, how many times someone won tournaments each year.

The document can be seen from this link:

We are open for the feedback.


Thank you for your time,

Thor Edinson / Sunflower.




Clan: KOLL

Why having problems with schedule links? Just use the searchfunction. Example 2017:

november 2017 no.2

november 2017 no.1

doesn't exist anymore, as it was reused for january 2018 1vs1 tour(same link)

may 2017 no.2

may 2017 no.1

april 2017 no.2

january 2017

and so on



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