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Clan: DEAD

Please add this icon, it looks amazing. I know it's been used by the SS, but the symbolism behind the totenkopf is older than that, so why not ? It's way better than the current one used on curve fever, this one looks more aggressive.

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Clan: GiBo

what is everyones fasicination with skulls?

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Clan: Fair

I think it's too complicated as small icon, it should be simpler.
Btw, there are already 2 skull icons...

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Clan: MIMA

I think this one is going to Germany the misuse of this symbol (for not educational purposes) is even punishable by law. Many thousand people are killed by peoplw wearing uniforms with that symbol.

So CF is totally the wrong place. If you like these skulls, as Kristyan said, there are already two.

It's possible that the symbol had other meanings, but it would be like adding a swastika to CF icons.

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Do not use and distribute the network of nazi characters! Even Germany has prohibited

combinations on licence plates,such as: HH or SS.( HH= hi hitl... SS=Schutzstaffel.

It is of course more of these prohibited combinations.)Please not use this character!


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Clan: Blub

Upon review of this, this icon will not be implemented. Yes, although it may have older origins, there are members of this game who may be offended or outraged by use of such an icon. We will therefore not be promoting this and this topic will be closed.



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