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Toggle stats,NEED HELP!!

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Toggle stats,NEED HELP!!

I have already commented under enhance toggle stats.Just for the attention sake Ive made a topic.So,I am from India and I play on europe server bearing 180-210 ms ping But then I rarely get inputs.Since 3 toggle stats are drunk... 3 seconds I am encoutering an input.. Help me I am from india and i play on europe server bearing 190-210 ms ping.. but then i rarely get inputs.. but then sincce 3 hours... my stats behave like they are drunk.. helpme

thanks in advance

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then dont be from india

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Can you show the picture of your stats inside the game ? And make it on high quality not low

+ When you upload a picture on imgur for example left click on it and click open in new tab. That's the link which you need to upload a picture on forum ( the suffix must be .png,.jpg or sth like that ) in your example : 

Now try to use this link in picture settings.