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Time - is it real?

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Time - is it real?

What is time, exactly? Apparently time is not real. Why, you say? Let me tell you.

First, you join a Curve Fever 3 Arena match. Then time starts ticking. 20. 19. 18. 17. 16. 15. All of a sudden you remember that you're hungry, and you start to think about pizzas.

You open up a new tab in your browser, and type inn Yusss, pizza time.

As you imagine a yummy pepperoni pizza, you remember that you were playing Curve Fever 3. You hurry up and click the Curve Fever 3 tab again, only to notice there are still 15 seconds to go. You still got time.

The time ticks on. 14. 13. 12. 11.


But then it happens.


The game starts.

You start to question your beliefs. Is time real? What is time? What is pizza?



That happens to me too, when you switch the tab the counter gets desynchronized.

This is because the browser automatically reduces the frame updates of the tabs that aren't currently being displayed to reduce the resources it consumes, this can be avoided by changing a few lines of code but it will consume more resources than it currently needs.


Yummmm pizza

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