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tiagomike boosting FFA

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Clan: MWP
tiagomike boosting FFA

Cheater: (suspected)

2nd accounts:


playing against his own inactive accounts to gain more rank

I also suspect him to boost his friend Barros108

matchlinks: (my game)

suspected matchlinks:

and more with just 2 accounts, i guess they share it

matches between 2nd accounts:

and a loooooot more...



ffa eu top 5.5%
team eu top 21%
Clan: DNVD

Dear _Re0x-,

thank you for your report and excuse the delay of my response because of work, holidays and work.
I was taking a look some time ago already and now I'm able to reply.
You are totally right. The player was boosting a lot with different accounts. The accounts are banned for 3 weeks. Further actions against other accounts we be taken.

Kind regards

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