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Thursday dev blog

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Thursday dev blog
  • NEW Added a new role for chat moderators. (People will be promoted over time, you can submit an application for this role on the forums)
  • NEW Reward for the 4th position in arena games
  • NEW You can report players. (just click on their name in chat)
  • You can now ignore players by clicking on their name instead of using a command.
  • Chat messages are logged so that moderators can punish players for spam and such.
  • Fixed refund notification not showing proper amounts.
  • Fixed text on the podium so that you can see it for players with a white color.
  • Some minor UI changes, mainly for the chat.
  • Muted users can no longer use /me
  • You can no longer see /me messages from ignored users.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the servers to crash from time to time.