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Thursday dev blog

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Clan: MOD
Thursday dev blog

Yesterday we worked on:

  • Fixing issues with matchmaking
  • Fixed numeral issues on the servers
  • Give both thin AND speed as starter powerups

We have seen that in general only a limited amount of powerups is selected in the beginner arenas. This is not how we designed it to be. We therefor will lower the prices of all powerups.

We also see that, with this low amount of players, that it is very hard to Win in arena  2 and 3. This causes only great players to unlock the best curves. This is not like how we intended it, and therefor we will make the unlock conditions: Be on the podium in Arena 2/3. Beside this we will also take the opportunity to look in why the achievements don't spawn always.

We will solve the player count on the arenas.

We will solve the issue with fees not being refunded correctly.


For people having technical issues loading the game or other bugs, you can contact Geert on Discord


Sometimes, when entering an arena there is a message: "Failed to load arena". If you enter an arena that costs some money and there is the error message, money spent for nothing, and you cannot bring it back.

Also, there is another error: in the arena screen, you can see how many player playing each arena. So when entering an arena, you see sometimes a message: "Not enough players", but there are players.


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Clan: DEV

Update 0.1.2 is now live!

 * Fixed the player counter for arenas
 * Arenas are always refunded now if the game isn't completed.
 * Arenas are refunded if the server restarts and you're still in the queue or in a game.
 * Arenas are refunded if you are timed out (when you don't focus the game and don't load in)
 * You get a notification that you have been refunded
 * The check if all players are loaded is less strict now over time. (should happen less that the game won't start because players haven't loaded in)
 * Fixed countdown timer for rooms being affected by your local computer time
 * Arena achievements are rewarded to the number 1, 2 and 3
 * Fixed a bug where you didn't get an achievement some times.
 * All players will start with the thin and speed powerup now.
 * Pick your arena tutorial tooltip is now only shown once and is then gone forever.
 * Might have fixed the issue where the estimated waiting time isn't correct.
 * Minor text fixes


The standalone program don´t work anymore at my Lapto, it says i have to update my broswer, but i dont know what it means. someone ingame said to me it still works.

please help me, without standalone the  game is unplayable for me, because of lags. :(