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theRealMadridcf wins January tournament!

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theRealMadridcf wins January tournament!

Congratulations to theRealMadridcf for winning the first official tournament of 2016!! This will be his 14th champion title I believe :D Undoubtly the champion of champions!

Here's the video of finals:


theRealMadridcf wins in the end with a 5 points lead but during the whole match the score points were very close! Congratulations to Nauhsoj for second place and Tranquility. for third place, and lastly well done to all participants who showed great sportmanship!! 


See you soon,

~Tournament Mods

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1v1 america top 6.5%
team america top 7.5%
Clan: Jeff

Exciting final, fun to watch these monsters!

Congratulations real! (y)

My name is Jeff.


First congratulations to Real. SECOND PLACE NAUHSOJ BEAST. Also great for Tranquility to finish third! You're definitely a speeder.