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Tell about the future of Curve Fever

Hey Curver, how are you?

The last few days have been a little bit different at the office. First of all we hired a graduate from the university in Ede. He is going to take on of most of the marketing tasks at Curve Fever. He’s also going to establish a new strategy for us. With his help we hope Curve Fever will get even bigger than it is already.

Beside him we are currently in the process of hiring a new programmer to come work at the office. We are searching for a passionate and smart programmer, who is great in programming, and in setting up the architecture for a program. Are you a programmer and you are interested in working for Curve Fever? Send us your motivation letter, together with your CV to: [email protected]! For more information about the job, go to:

If you still prefer playing Curve Fever more than creating it, just head over to our renewed site and go at it!

That will be all for now, have fun curving!


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