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Team Tournament by MaschineTV

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Team Tournament by MaschineTV

Hey, i will start a Tournament for Curvefever to Support this Game in League formats!

The Tournament begins at 24th March, 2013 at 20:00!


These are the Rules:

We are playing 3on3 - one of the Team need premium to sign successfully in

Name: MaschineTV (TeamShort) [The Team which name is first have to open the room]

    Password: 15 Minutes before Tourney starts at this Topic
    Roomtype: Premium
    Gametype: Team
    Field size: Full
    Powerup set: Special
    Ranked: On

The Tournament tree will be published 30 Minutes before the Tournament starts.

Sign in now!


Example to Sign in:



Player in Teams: (You can sign in 5 Players and switch it while the Tournament)

Premium Player-Name


(Geert, i hope its ok if i organize a Team Tournament)


Kindest Regards - Dennis

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(Geert, i hope its ok if i organize a Team Tournament)

You can organise a tournament whenever you want, it just doesn't have any rewards from our side.