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Team theRealSamka_121 wins the August Tournament

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Team theRealSamka_121 wins the August Tournament

Congratulations to team theRealSamka_121, composed of 3 champions : simka121, sam_pum and theRealMadridcf , for winning the August Team Speed Tournament. They lost only one match during the group stage and then they were unstoppable !

Also congratulations to the runner up, team Bluf  composed of Supra Omnia , Zaw and Superman. who reach the final, and team Oida composed of Destiny.' , Run.  and TheWalker who got the 3rd place !

A special thanks to the recorders Holla die Waldfee and Zaaak, and some people who helped me in organizing the tournament :-) You can watch the videos, there are some awesome speed moves ;)

Final :

Semi Final :

Tournament 8A :

Concerning the next tournament, I hope we will have a new tournament moderator, so it will be up to her/him for choosing the settings !

Happy Curving,

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Congrats top 3's

- Ivan


Spoiler: Highlight to view

FFA - 1662

Team - 1710

1v1 - 1558 

Clan: K

Thanks to destin for hosting such a well-organised tournament. Congrats to theRealSamka_121 on their win. Really enjoyed watching this team play throughout

Let's hope for similar tournaments in the future

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