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Team pWn wins 1. tournament of Official Curve Fever 2 Olympics!

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Team pWn wins 1. tournament of Official Curve Fever 2 Olympics!


On this Sunday, we had the first tournament of the Official Curve Fever 2 Olympics!

Team pWn managed to win the tournament by beating team hiho in final 10:6.

Special thanks to Shenn' for recording the final, the video of the final can be found here:

Team http managed to get 3rd place  by defeating team team Drip too hard 10:3 in bronze match.

We also had a negative incident in the tournament which caused the disqualification of 1 team - Boss

Team Boss was disqualified because of breaking a general rule - rule about accounts sharing. I want to remind all of you that accounts sharing is strictly forbidden and actions will be taken if accounts sharing will be discovered in game, which also applies for further tournaments. That also means, that you cannot play on someone else's account in tournament, even if they are not there. For further teams tournaments: if 1 or more of your mates cannot attend some rounds of the event or the full event, you have 2 options:

1) to play the tournament in a minority;

2) to not play in the tournament.

More information about the rule (accounts sharing) can be found here:

Final standings of this tournament:

1. pWn - Batman'I + .TreS. + FabbethepirateLe Lundi au soleil au sommet des marches de la sécu

2. hiho - Shikon. + CarnageFX + Soulbind + BLAcKYeLLoW

3. httpAıthana + Bloodred + sest + Crowly'

4. Drip too hard - Maluco + Ken' + Tell why me + Pharsyde

5. Milk - BeerTanK + Manuel100go + P.Dybala + A normal player

6. HFM - BrutalSzymon + Pocahontas' + deepwater + Baby Shark

7. Teamname - Tool. + BrokenBowl + Shenn' + Lenzuolo.

8. CF Pros ex - driv4r + SnajpeK- + Ironmantri + msd_7

Congratulations to everyone!

Don't forget to sign up for 2nd tournament of Curve Fever 2 Olympics which will be a Thin FFA tournament! It will already be held on this Saturday!