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Team Drop wins November 4v4 thin tournament!

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Clan: bie
Team Drop wins November 4v4 thin tournament!

Hey everyone. We have 4 new champions!!

It was a final with 8 players who didn't owe a crown, so everyone was feeling a bit nervous, but at the end of the day snakeysa, Kanches, Totally Deaf and Crozzi can call themself champions! Congratulations to team Drop, for winning the tournament unbeaten!

Also well fought till the end team JASS - Azar., miaonaise, Red Speed and me! You guys can be proud of yourselves <3

3rd place goes to team Gay - Legendary Zelda, Nitrogen Dioxide, simka121 and Im_Koso.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

(Also thanks to Holla die Waldfee for recording!!)

Next month's tournament is going to be:

Gamemode: All-round None (mix of FFA, teams and 1v1)
Date: (Presumably) Saturday, December 17th, 20:00 CET.

~Tournament moderator


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team eu top 3.4%
Clan: 0day

Congratz Drop, well deserved you played so well :3

Really enjoyed this tourny *-*

Jeff <3
Hakuna Matata <3

ffa eu nr. 26
1v1 eu top 4.8%
team eu nr. 68
Clan: Jeff

JASS champs for next tour!!! Wp team drop, deserved a champ title Smile