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Team Bullying

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Team Bullying

When a host collects players for his team, he holds on to strong ones, leaving weaker ones to pile up in opposing team. That is low and disrespectful. Host's team will win 80% of the times. There should be an "unequal ranks between the teams" restrictions.

To be specific a player named: daniel cormier. He builds teams in that manner.

well custom beings a ranked in a nutshell :) and this guy is just a looser avoid his rooms ! :d

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I've played with this daniel cormier twice and I won a game with him, and then I was in an opposing team and he told me to go up to his team, but then SingularityAndScience went up and they lost. So if daniel cormier is acting that way, does this mean that daniel cormier is a rank carer? Meaning that he wants a high rank playing with high rank players, which he might not know if they're just overranked. 

- Ivan


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