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System Requirements

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System Requirements


Lags fed me and other players up. Problem with lags is actual for 1 year already. I`m fan of this game and want to play smoothie, without key lags and teleporting players. What is (not minimal) system requirements for this simple flash game? What internet connection speed do we need to play without lags? Does somebody plays without lags at all?  I hope moderators stop thinking about different updates (we have problems after them) and make an efforts to solve lag problem. TY.

P.S Don`t tell me to read FAQ (I`ve read every topic according the problem) Or check the other programs which use internet connections (they are off during the game) or change browser, use stand one (I’ve tried everything).  My pc is core2duo, 3GB RAM 50 mb/sek internet connection (Ethernet) before midnight and 90 after. All process are shut down excepting game.

P.S.S Don`t waste time thinking updates up. Every single player has a dream to play without lags. It`s most MOST important thing in the game

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I've got also Core 2 Duo (quite old CPU), 4GB of RAM and SSD Disk. The bolded thing is the best thing I have ever bought for my PC. I gave my PC to service and they transfered my system to the SSD Disk. Now my PC starts up in about 40s (wothout SSD, about 3mins). I have also all browsers and Flash Projector on that Drive so the game runs quite smoothly. Of course, I have lags from time to time but caused mainly by other players or the server overloading (I have not bad connection, about 20-50Mb/s, depends on time). I'm sure that not everybody can afford SSD Drive (128GB = about 250PLN = $65 in Poland), but for those ppl who can - you should try installing SSD Disk and transfering system partition into it. It helped me. Other lags are others fault or just CF fault. Sometimes lags aren't present, but other time - they are huge, even on good PC and good connection.

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1. Yes, I and several others can play without lags all day long (I can on 4 separate computers with different internet connections).

2. The developer team are working on bugs and lags. They have been trying to improve things for weeks. This is not as simple as pressing a button and the lags are gone. Also, bug fixing requires updates.

3. Lag problems for most users started in December 2014 (keylags). If you have had this for one year....then I think we are looking at a different issue in your case. 

4. I think people underestimate the complexity of this game. And I also think they forget that it runs on Flash Player- reliability of Flash player is a limitation.


Please have some patience for the team to understand and fix what is happening. The team are doing the best they can.